• Akanksha hegde

Day out in Bangalore: DoddaAlada Mara and Manchanabele Dam

Bangalore along with its IT footprint also houses a collection of green lung spaces retaining its charm as India's garden city. We explored few such green spots recently and this blog is all about that.

Dodda Alada Mara

Dodda Alada Mara or simply Big Banyan Tree is Bangalore's own 400-year-old Banyan wonder. Spread across 3 acres of land it is the 2nd largest Banyan tree in India. Although the tree has lost its main trunk in the 2000s, it still looks magnanimous with its thousand hanging aerial roots. It was interesting to experience how the temperature suddenly dropped by 3-4 degrees as soon we stepped inside the entrance to the tree. A temple at the epicenter of this tree adds a devotional touch to its tourist attraction.

Manchanabele Dam

Manchanabele is a beautiful picturesque village known for its Dam and adjacent reservoir. Mainly built for agricultural purposes, the reservoir now attracts a bunch of travel enthusiasts in large numbers to witness magical sunsets during evenings or simple sightseeing during the daytime. There is a viewpoint from where the reservoir can be spotted from a height and then there is the dam itself. There are many known and unknown wild flora and fauna around making it an ideal place for nature lovers.

How to reach Dodda alada mara and Manchanabele Dam?

Head towards Mysore road either by taking Nice road or ring road itself. As soon as you reach the RajaRajeshwari Medical college signal, take a right turn into a narrow road towards the railway crossing. Doddaalada mara is 7kms from the railway crossing. 9.5kms from the Big Banyan tree you'll reach Manchanabele dam. Although the roads are narrow, it makes a beautiful drive passing through fields, terrains, and villages with silk cultivations.

Pro tip: The road to Doddaalada mara is famous for huge nurseries from where all the other tiny nurseries in Bangalore get their plants from. So if you are a garden enthusiast like me there is no way you want to miss out on this.