• Akanksha hegde

Lessons to learn from a Spider

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a Spider? For me, they are scary and I don't like them. But if you ask, why? I don't really have an answer. Maybe because most of us including myself have at least one scary childhood memory with these eight-legged creatures. Ahhh, we are talking about spiders and how can I not mention the struggle our mom's take to shoo them away. Every time I go home I see my mom cursing the same old spider for netting the web again although she cleaned the corner the previous day! It's a vicious cycle.

Recently, we were on our way hiking, when I accidentally destroyed a spider web. The structure was half dismantled and the spider was hanging at the bottom. As usual, I didn't care much and moved on. After a hard day's trek when we returned back to the same spot what I witnessed shook me. This time I did not destroy it but clicked a picture of this tiny friend we made on our way. Our eight-legged friend was still there but this time not hanging from a broken web but sitting comfortably at the center.

A spider, not more than an inch had rebuilt that giant web. And just look at it? What an engineering marvel isn't it? For them spinning web might be like a favorite timepass, building a secure home or even a survival skill to trap their prey. But if we look at them closely they can give us some serious motivation goals. Have you ever given a thought? Firstly, they don't wait for a right time or a right place to start their task unlike us waiting for the new year to come for starting anything new. While there is no doubt that they are hardworking and determined, they are always ready to face challenges and start all over again. They don't compare or await for any approvals from their other spider friends coz they know knitting web is their forte and they are bloody good at what they do.

Thats some serious thinking on a spiders isn't it? So am I friends with them now? Ummm, this morning I spotted one in the bathroom and..., I freaked out !