• Akanksha hegde

Starting my Apartment Garden in 2021

Is your phone gallery flooded with screenshots of house plants? Well, mine is. While I have been drooling over these images for a couple of years now, this year I could see them coming to life when I tried my hand at home gardening. And, this blog is all about that.

I have always found my happiness amidst plants. Growing up around thick forests and lush green fields, nature is where my heart belongs to. But then, we grow and move places. The hardest part of adulting for me has been moving into a concrete jungle where standalone homes are replaced by multi-storeyed apartments and large courtyards are squeezed into tiny balconies. Now that we are talking about plants, I remember a funny instance of myself. When I was young, I was fascinated by the concept of parks. I thought, it was the coolest idea ever. And, often wondererd why my village did not have a park? Seldom did I know that moving to a city, parks were the only places I could go to find a patch of greenery. It no more remained a fascination but became a part of life. A visit to park would instantly lift my mind, making me feel at home.

And then the pandemic happened. With a new wave every now and then visiting parks was no more an option. So back in January this year I decided to bring a part of outdoor to indoors. One day, we visited a nearby nursery and brought 5 plants. And then, we visited again and again and again, so much so that we are proud parents of more than 50 plants today. It seems a lot, but its never gonna be enough. I make sure that everyday I keep sometime with my plants either watering, pruning, cleaning, or repotting them.

This whole journey of gardening has been one of the most satisfying investments I have done so far. It's therapeutic to see a new leaf/bud open up every time. They not just make you happier but also healthier. I have realized that adding plants to your space instantly brightens it up along with imbibing a sense of responsibility towards nature. With apartment gardens gaining popularity, I consider myself playing my part in this new urban green revolution. Happy gardening 😊